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Making your church visible is our ministry!

Getting your website up on the Internet is not complicated or time consuming for you. Give me ten minutes on the phone, send me a few pictures & a statement of faith via e-mail and we will have your website ready to share.  Once you are ministering to your community & globally on the Internet, I will be there to provide updates.

We are family owned and operated located in Texas.  We are able to keep the cost of our ministry low for the churches we serve.  We are attending a local church and provide labor for a local food bank ministry monthly in Houston.

I want to personaly help you add a website to your ministry.

I started WebSiteWork.Org after retiring from a marketing coach career. 
I volunteered services to my local pastor in 2010. It was my first marketing position for a church, a real eye-opener in so many ways since my experience of marketing was in the secular world.

The experience moved me so much that I decided to help other pastors to have an affordable website presence too.  One of the most rewarding aspects of this work is hearing from pastors and staff that they are getting the message out in their communities and that the churches are growing. 

Working at WebSiteWork.Org is an incredible experience for me, I‘ve always known I was called into the ministry even at the young age of 19 attending Assemblies of God University, Central Bible College. While there I learned enough to know, there is more to His infinite greatness & wisdom than I will ever know!

After my experiences in Bible College, circumstances moved me into marketing for the secular world, I found myself often questioning myself and God about my calling.  I just didn’t understand how God was going to use me as a fisherman of men, then the age of wisdom hit me, I had been given talents and a new net, the Internet.
Our main focus is working with Churches & Christian Organizations
to further the message of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospels.
Becky Maire ~
My personal ministry beyond helping Pastors and Churches can be found at

I share my personal bible study and some Christian insight within a virtual world ministry.  I do this ministry in my spare time and I am looking for more study input from experienced Pastors that want to share spiritual insight with the world.

You can also follow me on Twitter as I attempt to share uplifting one liners in less than 140 characters along with some current affair events.

Hindsight is 20/20!  I am thankful for my knowledge and talents in these ministries I am using them as a servant and messenger of The KING! 

Thank You for visiting my sites and learning more about the ministries that I am working in.  Feel free to call me as I am working for the Lord and your call is important to me!
     ~Becky Marie
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